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Invest In Your Future

By becoming a part of GOD’s H.O.P.E Plan for you and your community!

The Problem

Imagine that we are reserve players on the side-line.

On the big screen we see that the referee and the lines-men are not applying the game rules justly.

The players of both teams are exhausted. Most of the reserve players and spectators are ready to run onto the field and vent their frustration and anger by disrupting the game (the production of food, wealth and jobs) and even destroying what wealth and jobs we already have!


What can we do to STOP the flood of “foul play” corruption, crime and unemployment?

“Father God is calling the Born Again
friends and followers of Jesus Christ
to Make a H.O.P.E Stand for His
Planet Earth and for the salvation,
discipling, and well-being of all
peoples of all religions and all

The Solution

Let us STOP fighting over the present financial bone and stop venting our anger by destroying properties, wealth creation
and jobs!

Let us CREATE more financial bone with
meat on it!
Point out to people that 94% plus of
the world citizens are suffering financially due to a lack of knowledge about how Satan and his HELL Team are using blinded and uninformed leaders in the media, religion, politics, banks, insurance companies to cream off most of the wealth for themselves at the expense of the 945 plus citizens.

Most world leaders and voters are
unaware of:
1. God’s H.O.P.E Vision
2. God’s H.O.P.E 5 Point Plan of Action

As a result less than 6 % financially privileged world citizens of all nations are continually walking away with the financial ‘bone’ while the more than 94% of the citizens are striking and fighting in the streets and not busy creating wealth & jobs) fighting and destroying wealth TAKE HEART fellow Born Again World Citizens! We are in the Winning Team.


We are assured of a H.O.P.E victory.
The H.O.P.E Team players and supporters already have every reason to celebrate!
Father God, the owner, Jesus Christ the Captain and Holy Spirit the main Coach of the HOPE Team have a clear H.O.P.E Vision and an excellent H.O.P.E 5 Point Game Plan!
Let us NOT WORRY! Let us do the best we can on the ‘fields’ in our homes, workplaces, communities and countries.
Let us score as many H.O.P.E Goals during our life-time as we can!

Your response may be:

What can we do to:
– UNLOCK the H.O.P.E Power of Our Stand
– STOP the flood of corruption, unemployment, crime, violence, immorality and vandalism?
– Build our H.O.P.E Arks and Navigate them above the flood of corruption, unemployment, crime and hopelessness?

You may also be saying:

“What can one person do to make a Stand? Are we not fighting a losing battle?” “What can I do to make a Stand?
“In any case, even if I did make a stand it will not help! I will be the only person making a stand. Very few citizens will do what God wants us to do and be what God wants us to be. It just is not practical or logical (rational, reasonable) to make a stand for God in this world as it is today. It is a little too late.”

On the other hand, we could say:

“I have had enough. It is time I did something about the situation. I want to make a stand and be counted.”
“Something drastic must happen and be done to address our spiritual, financial and political crises.”
“Now Lock Down 2020 has hit Planet Earth with devastating consequences!
Stock markets have crashed. The income streams of private, corporate, public, government and religious organisations are drying up”.
“The Unemployment and Poverty figures in our community are increasing at an alarming rate”
“People are ignoring and not honouring Creator God. They are also not living working or investing to produce food and create wealth and jobs within God’s Biblical H.O.P.E Boundaries and Rules.

God’s H.O.P.E Goals in the SEVEN
AREAS of our Whole Life:

Personal Relationship with the Trinity

Family Unity

Financial Freedom

Marriage Harmony

Personal Health and Happiness

Community, Justice, Joy and Peace

Work Fulfilment

How Do You Make A Difference?


You might be thinking: “how can I make a difference in society or impact the world for God?”.

You can make a difference in this world, and the way you do that is through the power of multiplication.

If you discipled, prayed for and invested your time and effort into 3 people, and each one of them went and did the same, then over time you would end up with this illustration shown below.

1 Discipled person becomes 3, which in turn becomes 9, and then 27, and 81 and so on. 20 Levels on and you would have reached over 3 billion people already.
That’s the way the Lord works, you become like a seed which keeps on reproducing and making an impact on the world.


If you would like to start becoming a change in your community and the world:

Then contact us to become a part of our Discipleship Program.

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